When you invest in SIRE BIOSCIENCE, you are betting on our people to successfully navigate the cannabis space. In order to maintain your confidence in the brand, we have hand-picked our team to bring a breadth of knowledge to the table.

Brian Polla (CEO & COO)

Brian has over 20 years of business management experience. He is currently an owner and president of a successful manufacturing business that serves international clients. Over the years, Brian has developed an extensive background in health and wellness.

Domenic Crudo (CFO)

Mr. Crudo is a successful, strategic, financial and accounting executive with over 30 years’ experience as the CFO for both public and private companies. The companies he has worked with have ranged in size from startups to multinationals. Mr. Crudo’s industry experience includes manufacturing and processing, consumer packaged goods, telephony and technology, retail/loss prevention, as well as other companies in technology, retail and marketing.

Mr. Crudo is a successful entrepreneur having co-founded and taken his own startup company public. Most recently he worked closely with other successful start-ups in consumer-packaged goods (Flow Water), technology companies (Sooof Inc.) as well as food, beverage and enhanced nutritional product companies. Mr. Crudo has strong practical knowledge about IFRS, ASPE, US GAAP, regulatory reporting, taxation across various geographies, financial modeling and corporate capital structures.

Mr. Crudo’s extensive experience with boards, investors and other stakeholders has resulted in successfully obtaining equity and debt financing for a variety of companies via a variety of financial transactions. Mr. Crudo’s experience also includes leading international growth via organic means and mergers and acquisitions.

Ben Pakulski (Director of Science)

Ben Pakulski graduated with honors from the University of Western Ontario with a B.S. in Kinesiology. He is known for practicing and teaching an intelligent and healthy approach to bodybuilding. He teaches seminars and coaches aspiring bodybuilders with his education in nutrition and exercise science. He is a successful entrepreneur with many different business ventures all in the areas of health, wellness supplementation, and nutrition.

Adrian Burke (Director of Marketing)

Adrian brings 23 years of entrepreneurial and business development experience to our team. His previous focus in the supplement space, and his insight into the current state of marketing and distribution, will be of great value as we position ourselves and differentiate our consumer brand offerings. His more notable company developments are the 20-year-strong Fusion Nutrition brand, and the more recent Furious Formulations.

Jerry Habuda (Director)

Jerry enjoyed a long and distinguished career with the Toronto Police Department and has over 35 years of experience in law enforcement and specialized units. During his tenure, he was assigned to the Major Crimes Unit, investigating robberies and home invasions. He has since retired. Jerry has also been a director of AgraFlora Organics International Inc. since May 2016. AgraFlora will assist with the growth of SIRE BIOSCIENCE. Jerry’s past experience and current role as a board member will enhance our direction in the medical marijuana space.

Layton Hipfner (Master Grower)

Layton brings over 20 years of experience in the grape growing industry, greenhouse management sector and organic farming community in the Niagara Region. With a background in marine sciences and botany/ecology from both the University of British Columbia and the University of Guelph, his analytical laboratory skills and environmental profiling are an asset to any ground up operation.

Layton has successfully operated both an environmental company servicing various conservation authorities and municipal infrastructure projects. He has also flexed his entrepreneurial muscle in the manufacturing and distributing of organic fertilizers for Carbon Base Sciences, a local hydroponics and nutrient company. His passion and practical approach to indoor and outdoor farming are a key to successful crop production.

Reno Vespa (Growing Supervisor)

Reno is the most recent in a 5-generation lineage of farmers originating in Torino, Italy where he was born. He began farming at age 5, and aside from being a commercial pilot at Air Canada for 8 years, has always been engaged nurturing and caring for a variety of crops. His broad experience in a variety of vegetable varietals has helped him empathetically develop an attitude of stewardship towards vegetation. After working 21 years as a greenhouse supervisor, his systematic management approach is a perfect pairing with a high yield facility such as ours.

Michael Lines (Advisor)

Michael Lines brings 25 years’ experience in the natural and traditional consumer-packaged-goods industries. His areas of expertise include: Global go-to-market sales, Brand strategy, Operations, Customer Marketing, and Building amazing cultures and teams (his true passion).

Currently as General Manager, Simply Good Foods Inc. (Simply Protein, Atkins, and Quest Nutrition), Michael manages the full P&L including all manufacturing, marketing, sales, supply chain, HR, finance, Q/A, and new product development. During his time at Flow Water Inc., Michael worked alongside the founder to scale the Canadian business from 100 doors to 5,500 while negotiating initial phase of the US build out including distributor, broker, and retail contracts. Michael was Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at Taste of Nature Foods Inc. where he led numerous branded and private label launches in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia resulting in doubling the size of the company over 2 years. Additional experience includes Cadbury Plc and Nabisco while also spending time consulting for a global firm.

Michael received his Bachelor of Commerce, Economics and Finance at the University of Guelph including time at the London School of Economics. He is married to his lovely wife Christina and they have two boys, Adam and Carson.

Chris Hornung

Chris has over 20 years of experience as an executive and board member for various family-owned businesses in the manufacturing industry. He is a board member of a publicly traded company that is in the process of becoming a licensed grower of cannabis in the Canadian market. He also has previous experience with the construction and setup of a facility for cannabis growing.

Brian Nugent

Brian holds a Bachelors of Science in Multi-National Business Operations. With an entrepreneurial drive, he quickly rose to the ranks in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization as the Operations Manager in 1997 through 1999. He then co-founded Vitality Systems Animal Health which he sold in 2008. He then founded Stratford Pharmaceuticals where he was CEO and strategically grew the company, which was sold in 2018.

Bernie Li (Advisor)

Bernie has 20 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur. He co-founded a solar energy company that grew to employ over 200 employees and expanded operations across North America. He also worked for multiple venture capital funds and became an established name in the industry.

David Bard (Advisor)

David Bard is an entrepreneur, business leader, consultant and author. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in life sciences commercialization and has held senior roles in marketing, sales, and training at leading life sciences companies across North America.

He is the President and Founder of EMREACH which provides services to life sciences companies by partnering with electronic medical record (EMR) providers. EMREACH improves access to medications utilizing the digital capabilities of EMRs. By working with EMR providers and the life sciences industry, EMREACH delivers enhancements to the physician EMR experience to ease patient access to medications.

Dave is also the President of Pharmability Inc. an e-learning training company serving education needs of life sciences industry professionals including marketers, sales people and those seeking to start their career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Luca Mastronardi (Master Grower)

Luca’s love of agriculture stems from a generational farming family of Villa Canale, Italy. He was born in Leamington, the “Sun Parlour of Canada”, and the location of our 50-acre facility. His family was the first pioneers of large scale greenhouse operations in North America of which he started working on as a child. As he honed his craft, he developed his intuitive approach to growing that can only come from passion and experience. Now, 20 years as a Master Grower and at 51 years of age, he has held true to his mantra: integrity in craftsmanship.